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MSgt. George Crofton
United States Air Force
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one thousand nineteen hundred and ninety eight
and of the great Independence of the
"United States of America"
the two hundred and twenty second year
bestow upon the above named "Patriot" with
great pride for the exceptional display of
"Outstanding Patriotism"
this Award

Presented by:
Al Varelas - USMC
Decorated Vietnam Veteran
26th Marine Regiment
Khe Sanh Combat Base
Republic of South Vietnam

Know ye all who preview this presentation,
that this Award is confered upon True Patriots only
Be it also known that this Award is given at the discretion
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and cannot be applied for...

"Chuck DOC Stewart - USA"

"Bruce T. Janes - USMC"

"MSgt. George Crofton - USAF"

"MSgt. Dennis Kibler - USMC"

"Sgt. Carol A. Gilliam - USMC"
Lady Leatherneck

"Lady Luck"

"Laurie Wicks"

Armies of
Australia & New Zealand

"Khe Sanh Veterans Home Page"
Dave Doehrman

"Warships of the World"

"The Jet Page"

"Lady Shag"
Operation Black Flag

"Plane Crazy Hanger"

"Amtrac Platoon"



"Humidity Moon"

"The Men Of Montford Point"

"7th Marines Page"

"Quigley's Down Under"

"Golf 28"

"Ron Fleischer"
Windsor Police Dept.

"U.S. Veterans Dispatch"

"Vietnam Veterans Homepage"

"Fiebase Falcon"

"Stick's Place"


"Bill's Place"

"Scott Tackett"

"12th Tactical Fighter Wing"
United States Air Force

"Gunny G's"

"2nd Battalion - Royal Canadian Regiment"

"Adventures In Today's Army"

"Julia Fracker"
United States Navy

"Jim Yo's Bunker"

"Royal Natal Carbineers"
Senior Regiment - South Africa

"Kelly's Marine Wives"
Support Page

"India Co. 3/7 - USMC"

"Liz Kibler"


"USMC - 2/3/3"

"William Wallace - The Truth"

"Prairie Edge"

"Akula's Web"

"A Little Bit More"

"Angel's Page"

"A Proud Tradition"

"3rd Marine Division Association"

"Brian B. Baily"

"HMH - 361 Flying Tigers"

"Ambassadors In Blue"

"Vietnam Helicopter Association"

"Chaplain To The Vietnam Vets"

"USMC Tankers"

"Kilo Battery 4/12 - USMC - Vietnam"

"Military Police Company"
HQ BN - 4th Division - USMC

"My Son ...... The Marine"

"Robert J. Cruze Sr."

"Hearts & Souls Across The Miles"

"Veterans For A Change"

"Soldiers Of The Cross"

"Firebase Hope"

"101st Airborne Division"
Air Assualt

"335th Assault Helicopter Company"

Weapons Control Systems

"Canadian Vietnam Veterans"

"Women In Vietnam"

"MCB - 133"

"Colonel Ted Guy"
Former POW

"Our Armed Forces"
Joe Skully

"B Troop 2nd - 17th Air Calvary"

"Robert Johnson - Vietnam Veteran"

"Maggi's Wave Page"

"The Dust-Off Page"

"Memorial To Our Hispanic Brothers"

"Lamb's Meadow"

"Wisconsin's Veterans News"

"Georges Military Page"

"Military Womens Home Page"

"A Year On The Jumpin' Jack"

"Gunny Mikes Salute"

"A Time To Remember"
Eddie Luffman

"Our Nations Hero's Site"

"Veronica Reilly - USMC"

"Cindy Wilson Silberblatt - LCDR - U.S. Navy"

"Sgt. Donald W. Fredrick"

"77th Artillery Association"

"HMM 262 - Old Tigers"

"Don Mouer - U.S. Army"

"Military Memories"

"MOPH - Chapter 612"
Sherman, Texas

"Veterans Of America Honor Guard"

"Women's Army Corp"
Karen Chambliss

"MGySgt. James W. Rogers"

"U.S. Military Rangers Association"

"Captain Barbara A. Wilson - USAF"

"Eyes Of A Sailor"
USS Juneau LPD-10

"USS Iowa BB-61 Veterans Association"

"Royal Navy In WWll"

"Carl S. Jackson"

"Silent Warriors Page"

"Lt. Col. Robbin Higgins - USMC"

"Tom Hunter"
U.S. Special Operations Site

"USS Oakland CL/CLAA - 95"

"RAASC Vietnam Veterans Association"

"Veterans Voice Of Austin"

"Tipi's Retreat"

"Arlington National Cemetary Website"

"Combined U.S. Military Ranger Associations"

"Colonel Holeman's Para Page"

"Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Association"

"Penny's Tree House"

"Marine Recon & Embassy Guard Associations"

"Angel In Dixie"

"3rd Security Police Group"
Clark AFB - Philippines

"8th TFW's Wolf Pack"

"Marine Corps League - New York"

"Ranger Bob's Command Post"

"Ed Helm - USMC"

"Desert Truckers - Gulf War"

"Tops Tun Tavern"

"GySgt. Brooks Bergeron"
Da Cajun Gunny

"VFW Post 4379"

"Kaija's Ocean View - USMC"

"Debby Peare - USMC"

"D - Patrol"

"Cheryl York"
Navy Seals & Navy Seabees

"Slanes World"

"Operation Desert Shield/Storm Association"

"Earl 'Bud' Shott"

"Ed Helm"

"Kendra's Salute To Veterans"

"Ennis Trimble - USAFSS SAC"

"David E. Jones - Veteran"

"Allen Austin"

"Linda and Alan Jackson"

"Joni Terrio"

"Thomas R. Bowerman"

"George 'Gunny' Fallon"

"Devil Dogs Chat"

"Navy Port Of Call"

"Ann & Charlie's Homepage"

"Steve Hoskinson"

"Brig. General Robert V. Clements - USAF"

"Andy's Home Port"

"Dien Cai Dau Express"

"Rick's Tribute"


"MMCM(SS) Greg Peterman - USN"

"GySgt. Gibs - USMC"

"John Durrant"

"U.S. Coast Guard CPO Association"

"Retired Nimitz CPO Home Page"

"Military City Online - Web Outpost"

"Tony Havens"

"Military Personnel Support Ministry"

"Sergeant Perry's Quarters"

"Captain D.M. Petteys - USMC"

"Waterborne Home Page"

"Chesty's Site"

"2nd Bn. Royal Canadian Regiment"

"Mark Weston's Tribute Page"

"4th Infantry Division Association"

"1st Bn. - 3rd Marines Site"

"Cpl. DeLalla - USMC"

"Don Slack - USN"

"Black Op's Place"

"Men of Monford Point - USMC"

"Tony Faville - USN"

"John C. Benware - USN"

"International CPO Association"

"Salute To The Armed Forces"

"Lance Parcell"

"A Navy Wife Site"

"366th Infantry Regiment"
The Buffalo Soldiers

"Yeoman Chief Margaret Cook - USNR"

"Beverly Crowley"
The Brotherhood

"Airborne Master Gunners"

"Major Christopher Miller - USAF"

"Micheal J. Hoyt"

"Larry Joe Goad"
Three Fallen Heros

"17 Construction Squadron - Australia"
Vietnam Association

"Sgt. Jack Bronson - U.S. Army"

"John P. Lorf"

"Son's And Daughters In Touch"

"POW/MIA Forum"

"Blinded Veterans Association"

"SFC Douglas R. Moses - U.S. Army"

"Weapons and Warfare On The Web"

"French Marine Corp Site - France"

"Spanish American War Centennial Site"

"Scott O'Hara"
Desert Site

"Dina's Children Of Vietnam Veterans Web Ring"

"Kimberly N. Thomas - Bowles"

"Devil Dogs Chat"

"Rainbow Division Veterans Association"

"Galaxi Mom's Page For Women POW/MIA's"

"CWO Frank Anton - U.S. Army"
Former POW

"Operation God Bless America"

"Hollie Walker's POW/MIA Site"

"Rolling Thunder - N.J. Chapter"

"Dale & Mary DeBord"

"The Rose"

"Sanderson High School Air Force Jr. ROTC"

"Congressional Medal Of Honor Society"

"Special Forces Association"

"Wolfhounds Alumini Association"

"The Moving Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial"

"Women In The Military Service Association"
Memorial Foundation

"Sunraysia Viet Vets Association - Australia"

"Lynda Bustilloz - POW/MIA Site"

"Fire Base Snuffy"

"Louise Hoover"

"Sharon Wiss - SRCM - USNR"

"Boy Scout Troop 673 - Florida"

"Stacey's Patriotic Site"

"Roland Legere"

"43rd Wessex Association"

"Eagle - Globe - Anchor Site"


"Alpha Witch"

"Dee's Place"

"Lance Corporal James Butler"
K Troop - Royal New South Wales Lancers

"Barbara Shields"
My Hero - My Dad

"Vietnam Veterans Of Central Florida"

"23rd EF Squadron - Innsbruck Austria"

"National League Of POW/MIA Families"

"Charlie Med"

"Vietnam Vets MC USA"

"Dick Grogans American Flag Page"

"Joanna & Carolee's Tribute To POW/MIA's"

"Larry Dean Brink"

"Pat 196th's Website"

"The Crows Nest"

"Mike 3/7 Vietnam Association"

"Carl J. LaMonica Sr."

"Naval Association Of Australia"

"Tailhook Association"

"Vietnam Death Trip"

"F-4 Phantom II Society"

"Vietnam POW Home Page"

"Special Forces Team House"

"The TLC Brotherhood"

"The Air Commando Association"

"WWII U.S. Veterans Website"

"North Platte Canteen"
Martin Steinbeck

"USS Robert L. Wilson - DD/DDE 874"

"SP/4 James Kuschel"

"Operation Homecoming"

"Vietnam - 25 Years Of Healing"

"Veterans Memorial Centre - Australia"

"MSgt. Walt Cross - USA"

"Alan Pettitt"

"Combat Videos"
Gary Clifton

"Tipi's Retreat"

"Burrows Home Page"

"Tunnel Rat Jacks Marine Home Page"

"Jack Faessler - USN & USA"

"Ron Martin's Navy Submarine Base"

"Freedom Flight Tribute Page"

"Paul A. Pierce - USMC"

"Sailors Lost & Found"

"Deep Sea Diving Locker"

"Close Encounters POW/MIA Site"

"An Angels Cloud POW/MIA Site"

"Jamie Donais - USMC"

"Sgt. Glenn B. Knight - USMC & USAF"

"Suzi's POW/MIA Site"

"Nertain's Home Page"

"The Last Patrol"

"1st Queensland Regiment - Australia"

"The Reapers Edge"

"POW/MIA 1955 Chevy Site"

"7th Calvary Regiment"

"Grunt Military Page"

"Alvin Myo Dunn American Legion Aux. #365"

"Rocky Chilson"

"Light Horse Association LTD - Australia"

"Bobcat Base Camp"

"Sgt. Mike Halley - USMC"

"Corporal Marsh - USMC"

"CWO3 Jim Ferrier - USMC"

"101st Airborne Div. Assoc. - New England Chapter"

"Tales Of A War Far Away"

"Bob Carr - USMC"

"My Marine Corps Page"

"Claudia L. Carson - USMC & USA"

"A1C Bishops Command Post"

"HQMC Old Timers Association"

"Wesley Johnston"

"David Frederich"

"Don & Karens Home Page"

"Firebase Dallas"

"Raymond Gadoua - USMC"

"Saudi Medic"


"Doc Bunner - USN"

"S/Sgt. James F. Spear Jr. - USMC"

"South Florida Military Museum & Memorial"

"Master Chief's Office - USN"

"Jerry's Submarine Dive Shop"

"Robert W. McMillen - USMC"

"Ralph Reed - USAF"

"GySgt. Charles J. Glynn - USMC"

"Fredrick S. Carpenter - USAF"

"Mary Broussard"

"Justin Wade Crisp - USA"

"Tommy Taylor"

"Harvey Lindsey - USA"

"Stephanie Shegstad"

"Bert Carpenter - USN"

"Lt. Virginia Babb Marin - USN"

"Armond Simmons"

"GySgt. Donald J. McMillan - USMC"

"AGC Mahlon Trenz - USN"

"Visions of Vietnam"
Mike & Janet Pomakis

"Andrew Wiggins - U.S. Army"

"Military Network"

"Jim Devereaux - USN"

"Dizzy Tig's Home Page - USMC"

"Sam's Home Page - USMC"

"Wave Homepage"

"On Wings Of Eagles - USAF"

"Salute to Aviation"

"Flight Deck"

"AFROTC - Det. 490"

"McFly's Home Page Of Aviation"

"CMF Montreal Canada"
Andre Senkara - Artillery Corporal

"USS Iowa 47 Memorial"

"American Legion Post 694"

Captain Robert W. Schaefer - U.S. Army"

"Daves Military Patch Page"

"Cape Town Highlanders"
South Africa
"George H. Thomas"

"Weezie's Foxhole"

"Cylunes Cyber Castle"

"Rolling Thunder"

"Bob Collins"

"David Decker"

"Ted Harrison"
5th Battalion
Royal Australian Regiment

"Bob Buick"
6th Battalion
Royal Austrian Regiment

"Captain Leon Baldwin"

"Colonel David Hackworth"

"Major Thomas C. Veit - U.S. Army"

"Vietnam Dog Handlers Association"

"Joe Moreau - USMC"

"US Naval Sea Cadet Corps"

"Linda & Charlie Munro"

"J. Michael Healy"

"Bob & Dot Pyefinch"

"Sgt. Gilliam - USMC"

"Alan Weiss - USMC"

"Iwo Jima Homepage"

"Ed Helm - USMC"

"Fall Of Saigon Homepage"

"Sgt. Don Schaffer - USMC"

"Donald J. Potts - USMC"

"MSgt. Walter S. Howerton - USMC"

"Veterans Tribute Page"


"Cpl. Ruben Botello - USMC"

"HQMC Old Timers Association"

"L/Cpl. Joshua Icore - USMC"

"SSgt. Darryl L. Deaton - USMC"

"Woman Marines Association"

"MCL Greater Nevada Detachment #186"

"Sigint Warriors"

"Special Forces Association - Chapter 62"

"Symbol Of Victory"

"Shannon Claire"

"Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial"

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15 January 1999
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